The Advantages and Functionality of Neoprene Knee Sleeves

Have you ever thought about the great function and benefits of neoprene knee sleeves? If you are an active person, and do physical exercises, it is just normal if you suffer from sprain, sore, and strain. The knees are the body parts that often receive the biggest burden and impact. As the part of the legs with active joints and muscle tendons, the knees have big risks of being injured.

When you suffer from injury or strains around the knees, the healing process will be faster when the tissue temperature is increased. That’s why, wearing the knee sleeves from neoprene is often recommended because it gives out extra warmth. As an external item, the object will ‘hug’ the affected area in a tight manner so it will increase the temperature of the area and promote a better healing process for the muscle’s tissue. When this sleeve is worn, it will reduce the possibility of injury and increase healing process.

How Does the Sleeves Work?
When you exercise, the temperature of the muscles and the skin will naturally increase, leading to the increase of intramuscular temperature. The extensibility of the body’s musculotendinous unit will also increase in order to reduce the possibility of injury and damage to the structure.

When the blood flow on the skin increases, the body heat will dissipate, and the sweats are evaporating, allowing the body to cool down. The neoprene knee sleeves act as the insulating agent that prevents the evaporation and increase heat retention around the areas where the sleeves are applied. Despite this theory, no scientific research concerning the neoprene sleeves have been conducted – at least, officially. Nevertheless, it is proven that the sleeves can support the ligaments of the knees in order to control the movement so the knees won’t have to work extra hard.

The Benefits of the Sleeves

The biggest advantage of wearing the neoprene knee sleeves is that you don’t have to undergo any surgical procedure to ‘fix’ the damages happening to your knees. If the issue is rather insignificant – you have these minor strains or sore around the knees – wearing the sleeves will help quite a lot. Other benefits are:

- You can wear the sleeves during your physical activities. It will give snug fit and feeling, so you have more confidence when moving around to do your training.

- As it as mentioned before, wearing the sleeves will increase the healing process and reduce the injury risks at the same time. You can get such benefits without having to spend a fortune.

- You don’t have to consume any drugs or apply topical substances on the affected area.

However, keep in mind that if you suffer constant pain, or it is increasing; you need to have yourself checked. It is possible that you suffer from other medical issues.

Besides the sleeves, there are other types of knee braces to use in order to help you. It is always better to discuss everything with your doctors as they should be able to suggest the right treatment or items for you. The neoprene knee sleeves come in different types and styles; you should find the one that will suit your needs.

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